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Dangerous Living (2003) gay documentary, coming out in the developing world

The Backwoods That Became Vermont (2004) museum exhibit, educational documentary

Global Plantation (2000) video projection for multimedia performance piece funded by French Ministry of Culture, presented in Paris and New York.

Parvathy Songs (2001)shot and edited; co-production with GRACE and Bread and Puppet of performance by North Indian Baul singer and painter.

Nathaniel Reichsman Demo Reel (2004) DVD/CD authoring

The Guilford Gazette (2000) shot and edited, produced with Vermont Community Works, about a community/school newspaper.

Drumming In the New Millenium (1999) shot and edited; concert and tour video, Egypt.

Nuestro Cuatro I (1999) graphics, audio, editing; documentary (Spanish and English) on traditional Puerto Rican music and culture.

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