GRACE is...Grass Roots Arts and Community Effort.

"Definitions of the GRACE organization are as varied as the blind men's descriptions of the elephant. There is a tendency to describe us by a single aspect of what we do. Most people see GRACE as a program for elders - yet, as I write this, I'm watching a bunch of sixth graders organize their art work at the Greensboro Town Hall workshop. As 82-year-old Dot Kibbee comes in, they flock aro9und her to catch a first look at Dot's newest painting.

Don Sunseri, GRACE Founder

from States of GRACE:Vermont's Grass Roots Art and Community Effort Since 1975.

Parvathy Songs (2001) shot and edited; co-production with GRACE and Bread and Puppet of performance by Parvathy, a North Indian Baul singer and painter. (14 min.)

Gayleen (1985) sound, editing, crew on a film by Jay Craven and Don Sunseri about a Vermont outsider artist. (25 min.)

Gayleen Aiken was born in the mid 1930's in Barre VT. She started painting as a child and has never stopped. Major themes in her work are the large old farmhouse where she grew up, the granite industry, and musical instruments. They are what she calls "my hobbies." She unites these diverse interests in her work by means of a large, imaginary family of "cousins," the Raimbillies.

from States of GRACE

Sue: As You'd See It (2000) shot and edited; co-production with GRACE, documentary about a central Vermont self-taught artist. Sue paints and talks about the process of reconstructing the memories of her childhood in Holyoke MA. Her paintings are like memory maps of that past landscape. (10 min.)

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