Free Lunch Studio


Free Lunch has been built from the ground up as a full service studio for all phases of video, audio, Web, and interactive design (CD ROM and DVD) production and post production work.


The facility features:

Media 100 XE nonlinear editing, component - Y/C - composite - DV source and mastering. 186 GB online storage.

AfterEffects Production Bundle, ICE accelerated, Commotion Pro, ElectricImage, Photoshop for compositing, graphics, and special effects.

Canon XL1 3 CCD camera for acquisition.

E-Mu and Yamaha synthesizers and samplers, Mackie 24 channel mixing board, Sennheiser, EV, AKG microphones for scoring, voice over, and soundtrack work.

ProTools, Peak, Waves, and Arboretum tools for sound design and soundtracks.

Web and streaming prep and compression with Cleaner 5, Sorenson Pro, and QDesign.

High quality video and audio monitoring by Sony, Panasonic, and Tannoy.

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